Castruccio, Stefano

Postdoctoral Fellows
Ph.D., 2013, University of Chicago​​​​​​

Now Assistant Professor at University of Notre Dame


Starting September 2014 I will be Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor in the United States) at Newcastle University, in the United Kingdom

Research Interests

Environment modeling, Spatio-temporal statistics, Environmental statistics, Uncertainty quantification and visualization

Selected Publications

  • Castruccio, S., Huser, R. and Genton, M.G. (2014). High-order composite likelihood inference for multivariate or spatial extremes, under review
  • Castruccio, S. and Genton, M.G. (2014). Discussion on "Comparing and Selecting Spatial Predictors Using Local Criteria", TEST, to appear
  • Castruccio, S. and Genton, M.G. (2014). Emulation of Global 3D Spatio-Temporal Temperature: A Distributed Computing Approach to Model One Billion Data Points, under review
  • Castruccio, S. (2014). Comparing a multi-model ensemble with reanalysis data: a statistical approach, under review
  • Castruccio, S. and Genton, M.G. (2014). Beyond Axial Symmetry: An Improved Class of Models for Global Data, Stat, 3, 48-55
  • Castruccio, S., McInerney, D.J., Stein, M.L., Liu, F., Jacob, R.L. and Moyer, E.J. (2014). Statistical emulation of climate model projections based on precomputed GCM runs, Journal of Climate, 27(5), 1829-1844
  • Castruccio, S. and Stein, M.L. (2013). Global space-time models for climate ensembles, Annals of Applied Statistics, 7(3), 1593-1611
  • Castruccio, S., Bonaventura, L. and Sangalli, L.M. (2012). A Bayesian approach to geostatistical interpolation with flexible variogram models, Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, 17(2), 209-227


2013: Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

2007: M.S. in Mathematical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy

2005: B.S. in Mathematical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy


2014: First Place, Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) Poster Competition

2013: First Prize, Student Paper Award, ASA Section on Statistics and the Environment

2012: Best Poster Presentation, Midwest Statistics Research Colloquium